Clients Pick Us

Clients pick SearchBox because they want to understand and measure how effective their message is online.

"Ticket Sales" Our Clients want to know who heard their message - how many visitors, where are they located, how they landed here, their age, gender and interests.

Our Clients need to know how their visitors engaged with their message - when were they there, what did they do, where did they go, and how long did they stay.

Our Clients pick us because they have business goals they need to achieve.  They are specifically looking to use the Internet to generate referrals and grow their business.


The cost of creating or expanding a marketing analytics team is typically two times what your costs would be to work with us.

You are not waiting long to see what is going on.  We start reporting right away so you can understand your current position and where you could be going.  We report as frequently as your business needs, typically monthly.

Consistent Updates
Our Clients want to know their current position on a constant basis.  We call it the highway effect.  If you are driving down the highway and your eyes are closed because you no longer know your current position - bad things happen.  Navigating the highway of online marketing needs constant monitoring and revision.

Our Clients want to move their business forward.  They need to be updated on their position so that they can keep moving.   Standing still can be really dangerous on a busy highway.


You don't want to spend time building out a new process.  Our process is based on winning strategies that work.