SearchBox is a digital marketing and analytics firm that helps companies find their best performing prospects from the Internet.  

Our services work together to provide the maximum insight into your online customer experience.

We offer an easy subscription model so you can get started right away.
Audience Targeting
There are billions of people on the Internet.  Most of them are not your customers... 

SearchBox performs audience targeting and selects people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services to see your brand and message.

There is an audience that is searching for your products or services right now.  SearchBox can help them find you.
Drive Website Traffic
SearchBox uses advertising networks to promote your message and brand.  We run different types of campaigns to attract and understand those prospects who are most likely to bring you business. 

We participate in auction-based advertising programs utilizing machine learning techniques to show your message at just the right time.  Let us introduce you to programmatic marketing. 
SearchBox analyzes your online customer experience and provides insight that matters to your organization.

We help you understand website performance, like "who visited your site", "where did they come from", and "what did they do".

We use this insight to go find better prospects for your business